Products and Services

We can supply replacement batteries as well as install, test and maintain them for you.

If you know the battery type and charger you need, you can find the up-to-date specifications for the models below. If you are unsure, we can help you select the best model, size it to your application and deliver it safely and on time

In addition to supplying batteries, we can remove any existing battery and recycle it in accordance to the latest regulations. We can also install, commission, test and maintain your new or existing batteries as needed. 



We supply all major brands and chemistries of industrial batteries, from lead-acid (flooded, gelled and VRLA/sealed), nickel-cadmium and various lithium-ion versions.

We also supply matching chargers and rectifiers, as well as racks, cabinets, cables and disconnects as needed.
We are an experienced provider of all field services you may need related to your batteries. Whether it is AC or DC related, related to installation or long-term maintenance, we can install your batteries according to the manufacturer's requirements and maintain them to keep your warranty intact.